Built for Baby

Babies don’t have time to worry about sharp edges, pinch points, droopy cords and unlocked controls. This is why we designed all of our Vornadobaby products the way we did...for baby.

Perfect for Parents

It’s natural for a parent to worry about things. Worry about keeping Baby safe and comfortable. That is why we designed all of our Vornadobaby products the way we did...to help parents worry less.

Happy Parent Guarantee

We want your Vornadobaby experience to be perfect. If you’re not satisfied, let us know. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure you’re a happy Vornadobaby parent!

Purify + Freshen All The Air Around Baby.

Purio cleans the air in the nursery with True HEPA and Activated Carbon filtration – up to 6.3 times each hour – leaving clean, healthy air for Baby.

One stage. Two stage. Three stage filtration.

To combat the nasties in the air, Purio uses True HEPA filtration to remove 99.97%* of the airborne contaminants and allergens from Baby’s air. A permanent, washable prefilter extends the life of the True HEPA filter, and an Activated Carbon filter helps keep the nursery smelling fresh by adsorbing odors.

Lockable controls and filter cover. Because babies are curious.

Purio’s controls are lockable – so parents know the settings remain just as they left them. And since babies love to take things apart, we’ve included a locking filter cover to thwart their efforts.

Night glow and filter reminders. Purio lights the way.

Turn on Purio's recessed lighting for a soothing glow. When a filter change is needed, Purio's glow feature also "pings" parents by gently dimming and brightening – just a little reminder to help maintain optimum air quality.

Shhh…Baby’s sleeping.

Some babies like it quiet, some don’t. When the “sleepy time” setting is active, Purio automatically quiets to low in dark conditions. On medium and high, the natural rush of airflow doubles as an excellent white noise element in the nursery.

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What to expect in every box:
  • Purio
  • 1 True HEPA Filter
  • 1 Activated Carbon Filter
  • 1 Permanent Prefilter
  • Owner’s Handbook
  • Peace of Mind

Product Specs

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Warranty 5 year
Usage sq. ft.
Control Style Electronic Push Button
Item Weight 8.05 lbs.
Item Height 15.2 in.
Item Depth 12.75 in.
Item Width 9.4 in.
CADR Dust 89
CADR Pollen 95
CADR Smoke 75
Watts 71
Volts 120
Hertz 60 HZ
High Speed CFM 93
Low Speed CFM 34
High Speed RPM 1950
Low Speed RPM 780
PowerCord Length 6 ft.
PowerCord Plug Type 2-Pin Polarized


5 Year Happy Parent Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with your Vornadobaby product, let us know. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure you’re a happy Vornadobaby parent!

We proudly stand behind our products. Vornadobaby products carry a 5 Year Happy Parent Guarantee to the original owner against material and workmanship defects, from the date of purchase. If any such defect is discovered within the warranty period, Vornadobaby will repair or replace the product at no cost.

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